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About Us

Started in 2017, RML ITALIA quickly achieved remarkable results and success such as to allow the full takeover of LAMCA LMT s.r.l. just one year after.

Thanks to such an acquisition, RML ITALIA could greatly benefit from LAMCA LMT strong backgrounds and knowledge, built over 40 years active business. Reliability and flexibility have been – and still are – the key factors to establish a highly reputable name within the reference industry.

RML ITALIA is focused in researching technologies, products and materials to propose to the Italian and European markets, being able to meet a wide range of different applications within foundries of any type and dimensions, heat treatment, forging, steel and iron industry, as well as manufacturers of high-level components for the automotive and aerospace fields.

RML ITALIA is the exclusive agent of world leading capital investment equipment manufacturers, but also a distributor of systems, products, materials and instruments aimed to reach the process management utmost efficiency, significantly contributing to the high quality standards nowadays required.

RML ITALIA offers advanced & cost-effective solutions for the temperature monitor & control, alloys treatment & degassing, molten metal handling, melting & pouring of aluminium, copper based, ferrous & non- ferrous, precious, special & dental alloys.

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