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Italy General & Exclusive Agent of:

European furnaces division of the world leading manufacturer of induction equipment for melting, holding & pouring any alloy, high-efficiency power systems ranging from 15 kW to 15 MW and furnaces from 15kg to 150 t, process control systems, with over 32.000 plants all over the world.

Plants for melting, refining and vacuum casting of special steels, super alloys, reactive metals and special alloys. Process plants and vacuum or controlled atmosphere furnaces for heat treatments,  brazing and degreasing of aluminum and steel, sintering and dewaxing, vacuum diffusion coating, special applications.

Induction furnaces and coils repair &refurbishment

Systems and know-how for centrifugal casting,

white metal coating of ingots and billets

Ladles for molten metal handling of any capacity & typology

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